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  • Why is there a monthly membership?
    Because we employ a full line of fashion designers, cad designers, textile designers, pattern makers, drapers, and sewers who work remotely from home using a 1099 form. We also partner with factories in other countries who offer low moq's. Therefore charging a membership fee helps with keeping our skilled workers employed as well as contributing to the international shipping costs that are from customs duty fees.
  • How much is the monthly membership fee?
  • What is included in the membership?
    -Special Discounts on Custom Cad Sketches, -You get exclusive access to our fast fashion design platform. -Scheduled monthly design meetings. -Private design coaching exclusive for your brand. -Scheduled brand consultations. -We help sell your brand to retailers and partners -Full scale sample making and production with low moq's
  • Can I use your private label manufacturing service without utilizing the design platform?
    Yes! But, we only offer private label manufacturing services to brands off the platform if you order more than 200 units of one style as a minimum order quantity.
  • Are there costs affiliated with shipping samples?
    Yes. The cost for shipping depends on the country of origin. Typically, we try to keep all international shipping costs low. It is best to order multiple samples at once to avoid overpaying for international shipping.
  • What are the costs for sample making?
    The costs for sample making depends on construction details of the garment. The sample making cost may be lower in some situations if we use an existing block from our platform. If the pattern block is new and does not yet exist, the cost is higher.
  • What is the lead time for samples?
    We aim for 5-7 days. But, in some cases the lead time can be 7-10 days
  • How often are the styles on the platform updated?
    The platform is updated seasonally with more styles, fits, textile fabrics, and colors to choose from. We like to stay current with fashion and home decor trends.
  • Why should an emerging designer use the platform?
    We recommend that emerging designers use the platform because you can not only develop samples and full production with us. But, you also receive access to our extensive cad sketch library, fabric swatches, color library, trim library, customizable tech packs, customizable line sheets and more. Designers also meet with the founder, tech designers, and sales reps for line and brand development on a periodical basis. With all of this offered; emerging designers can focus on designing while we do the hard work.
  • Can I be a client without using the platform?
    Yes! Absolutely. Our user friendly design platform is more for the emerging designers with lower starting capital. If you are a more established corporation with a higher capital. Feel free to email all inquiries to
  • Can I design a garment that is not on the platform?
    Yes! But, the cost for sample making may be higher because the pattern block is new and non-existing. But, request a quote by emailing
  • What is the moq for production?
    Our (moq) minimum order quantity on the fast fashion design platform is 100 units. On our platform as a member - MOQ is 100 Off our platform as a non-member but ordering as a client- MOQ is 200
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